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Sanjoy Roy


Name: Sanjoy Roy

Nationality: Indian

Years studied: 2010-11

Current Function: Account Management
Current company: MindTree Limited


 1.    Why did you choose to pursue an International MBA?

With globalization becoming a way of life for all of us (regardless of which part of the globe you       are in), I needed to equip myself with the skills necessary to run an international business successfully. Hence the logical choice was to pursue an International MBA.

2.    Why did you choose to follow this program at Nyenrode?

Nyenrode was an easy choice for me. A small class size (37 in our batch), class diversity (19 nationalities, age range from 25 to 60 yrs, professional background mix), international modules in China, EUR & USA and last but not the least the networking platform through a global alumni were a few things that no other university offered me all under the same roof.

3.    How did the MBA program impact you personally and professionally?

I have changed as a human being and this is not an exaggeration (you can get the confirmation from my wife :-)). The power to appreciate and process multiple perspectives all at the same time is a skill that was completely unknown to me before I went to Nyenrode.

4.    Would you recommend this program to others?

Absolutely. People who look at a MBA as a mere license to a better career can go to any university out there.. more or less all are the same guaranteeing the same outcome in terms of career prospects. Nyenrode to me is specifically designed for individuals who are hungry and passionate about making it BIG in life – and by “life” I mean both professional and personal life.

5.    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

As one of the co-founders of a large successful startup in the technology space.

6.    Please describe the program using a few keywords.

Life-changing, transformational, short and concise, fun.

7.    Using 5 keywords, please describe who a typical Nyenrodian is.

Ambitious, Action-oriented, no-nonsense, High integrity, passionate

8.    Which international modules did you participate in and what was your experience with them?

I participated in three international modules – EUR module was a eye opener for me since I got first hand exposure on how European Union works. My Interactions with lobbyists and diplomats on how policy formulation works on the ground turned out to be very different from what I read in newspapers and heard in TV channels. China module was a once-in-lifetime experience for me. Being an Indian, you don’t always get such a up-close view of this country. Nyenrode made that possible for me. Studying in a Chinese University and being taught by Chinese professors is an experience I will do anything to get a repeat access to. USA module was focused on advertising and marketing and I would rate the academic soundness of this module as top-grade.