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Jitendra Singh



- Your career path so far:

I have worked before coming to Delft and after:

1) Pre-Delft (8 years)

  • Scientist in DRDO, Ministry of Defence (India),
  • Engineer in GE Global Research (long term assignment in the New York)
  • Consultant in Accenture

2)  Post Delft (~4 years)

  • Program Manager in Honeywell (Czech Republic)
  • Programme Manager in National Aerospace Laboratories (India)

- the MSc programme you graduated from

Design, integration and operation of Aircraft & Rotorcraft (DAR), Aerospace Engineering. Graduated under the Chair of Gas Turbines in TU Delft. Delft has also given me an opportunity to do my internship-cum-thesis from ETH Zurich, Switzerland




 1. First job (incl PhD) after graduation?

Honeywell Aerospace in Prague (Czech Republic)

Was it easy or difficult to find?

Given my prior work experience, and further enhancement of skills & education from TU Delft, it was relatively easier to find a job. I was fortunate to make a choice because I have had couple of more confirmed job offers within Europe.

But I must mention that finding the “right-fit” requires meticulous career planning. Sometimes you may have to hit it 100 times to strike the target.


In what way did a Dutch Education give you an edge?

I particularly benefited from the problem-solving approach. Theory is important but Dutch education is more hands-on.  The coursework is quite challenging and the purpose is to prepare the students to innovate/build real-world machines (that can fly too!).


This is achieved through the efforts and commitment of highly experienced professors and researchers, and through hands-on high-quality lab exercises. The best thing is they are so very accessible, and absolutely no compromise on standards.


Another valuable aspect was the cross-cultural communication and interactions. Delft is a truly an international place. Also it hosts many events to bring people together, like the international sports day and cultural events.


Overall, I was happy with the programme and I felt that it justified the risks and investments that I had made by going to TU Delft.

Could you tell us about one of your most cherished memories of Holland?

It’s difficult to mention one, there were many memories I would cherish.  Few moments still flash through my mind, Beautiful criss-cross of canals throughout the country, the sheer thought of living below Mean Sea Level, walking through the long fields of tulips, eating herring, playing cricket with a wooden plank (and making it a popular sport on campus) name a few!


My family (wife: Sunita and son: Dhruv) too had a wonderful time there. I miss bi-cycling that too with my son buckled up on the child-seat on the back.  Also gave us a good opportunity to travel around in Europe, meet interesting people, and experiencing diversity. It was a gateway to Europe.


Being in Holland has not only given me a professional boost but also changed my perspective toward life.

What would you recommend to current students?

1) Students must have high ambitions but should recognize that there are no short cuts to success.

 2) Student should not look for guarantees but aim at creating new opportunities. In other words, degree from Delft (or from any other institute) should not be perceived as a "guarantee card". People should work hard and earn their stripes. Do all what it takes to succeed. Everything else would just follow.

On a personal note - “Be impeccable with your word."

2. For those having started a company

Reasons, experiences, how well did it work out? Any additional skills to learn? Did our university provided you with any information? YeS Delft?

While there were entrepreneurship options in sight, but I didn’t attempt that. None the less having studied in Delft has equipped me with necessary skills and professional network that would be useful for attempting something like that.

3. For those having started or finished a PhD

Motivation? Financing the PhD? Experience with your academic and personal development  (more soft skills oriented), and expected steps after finishing your PhD?

I was offered PhD but decided to pick up a job in the industry. A degree from Delft definitely opened-up the doors to several universities.

4. For those already in their second or third job. Provide some insights in your current status.

Presently I work in National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) in INDIA as the Programme Manager of National Civil Aircraft Development (NCAD) program for developing 90 seater aircraft for the country. My job entails Strategic planning (including matters related to Government), External interactions, and Management reporting.    

Additionally, I have had an opportunity to work in progressive roles in Government as well as Multinational companies (GE, Accenture & Honeywell). It took me to several countries especially having lived in the USA, Netherlands, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

In my jobs, I was fortunate enough to be deployed on fast-track learning curve and develop a diversified skill set. The overall international experience provided me with a good landscape of the aerospace industry, key people and most importantly with cross-cultural experience. The combination of these skills proved to be very useful in today’s globalized world, wherever you go.

5. Steps ahead: what to learn develop and/or undertake next? What are your ambitions and how are you working towards them?

I want to be known as someone who has delivered value to the Companies I worked for. Besides, to do my bit to pay back to society around me.

On the personal side, I would like to continusoly work with a keen sense of purpose and create a legacy.





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