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I have been on less trips to India than I would love to have. The beautiful land is full of culture. The sights, colors and sounds are all part of the tourist activity that many miss when they travel the country through any other means than by train. The Indian railroad system is very connected and you can easily tour the country, or a good amount of it, by train. The country is obviously very vast as it spans a sub continental size. There are other faster methods of seeing the country but it is not worth seeing if you are rushing through the experience by air.

There is an unavoidable Indian culture of staring where the passenger or passengers close to you stare until a conversation has to ensue. Through this method of socializing I have learnt more about India, places to go, foods to try and what to avoid. This experience has been so helpful. I don’t think there is a complete view of any culture or land without adequate relations with the people of the land.

Traveling by train in India also helped me to save money while savoring the good things the land has to offer. There is an AC train option that I would usually take at night after finishing up in one city and would sleep on the train. This helped me to save those pesky hotel bills and cover more ground in lesser time. The AC train is more comfortable and with the curtains drawn it is more private than the others.

Another thing I liked about using trains in India is that I could choose from different options of trains ranging from level of speed to class of prestige or locality. And with the available systems from the IRCTC it is easy to compare train schedules as you check the availability of trains. You can also make online and offline enquiries about trains easily to keep you updated. For example you can use this website to find your PNR Status.

The only downer, and the reason I did not exclusively travel by train on all my trips, is the enormous amount of train delays in India. Almost everyone travels by train so the railway stations are packed full and due to different reasons the trains get delayed a lot. Combine this with the number of trains going to and fro a city and sharing similar railway tracks, the reason for the delay is understandable. Whenever it was inconvenient for me to wait I just too another mode of transport. But mostly it isn’t inconvenient. More time to loom around! There is ample provision to track your train online, offline, through voice call and SMS and face to face at railway stations so you can easily adjust to the plans or make alternative plans.

The cost fro traveling by train has to be the same or lesser with traveling by other means of transportation so I decided to give the option with the better chances of helping me enjoy my trip by seeing and doing more. I sure did enjoy my experience with trains in India and that is my sure way of travel anytime I am there.

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