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IHS-Erasmus University Refresher Course Rotterdam


Are you an NFP alumnus looking for avenues to expand your knowledge and expertise? If yes, you must read this news article!

Netherlands: the most preferred business destination


Only ten percent of large companies moved their businesses from the Netherlands to other countries to cut expenses. Ninety percent of large companies prefer to not relocate.

New Amsterdam institute bid attracts top universities in the US


Soon, an institute will be set up in association with top ranking US universities such as MIT, Columbia and Duke.

Queen’s Day celebrations held in New Delhi

Meenakshi Kaul, alumni of Dutch Higher Education Institutions, shares with us about the Queen's Day celebration in New Delhi.

The liberalisation of internet gambling in the Netherlands


The government will liberalise the internet gambling market by 2015

Dutch government plans to leave Unido; Employers angry


The decision by the Dutch government to pull out of Unido, has left many employers fuming.

Dutch novelist bags prestigious Foreign Fiction prize


Gerbrand Bakker, a Dutch writer, has won a prestigious Foreign Fiction Prize offered by the British newspaper, The Independent.

Studying Nuclear Science requires an approval


Students planning to study nuclear science will have to first obtain an official clearance.

Three Dutch cities in world's best places for cyclists


The website released a list of the best cities for cyclists in the world featuring three Dutch cities.

Netherlands faces steeper budget deficit


The economic downturn led to the government collecting less tax which in turn resulted in a budget deficit of 4.1%.

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